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Conservation Through Public Health relies on the support of individuals and organisations to continue to deliver programmes that are vital to the conservation of the mountain gorilla and the health of the surrounding community. We could not continue to run or programmes without your support.

Make a Monthly Donation

A monthly donation helps us plan ahead and ensures these valuable schemes continue to make a real difference.

• US $3 a month - could help us to keep the gorilla lab stocked with equipment such as slides, sieves and test tubes.

• US $5 a month - could fund a community volunteer to attend a monthly health education meeting

• US $10 month – could provide soap to improve health and hygiene for one of the local parishes in Bwindi.

To make a monthly donation please click here

Make a 1 Off Donation

By making a one-off donation you will be supporting initiatives like those below. Your gift will help us to reach more local communities providing education to help improve their health and hygiene and sanitation.

·$20 Buys much needed lab supplies for the community health and gorilla conservation center to help track the transfer of human diseases to the gorillas

·$50 Supports 10 community volunteers to attend a local education workshop in which they will receive valuable training to share with their community

· $100 Buys medicine for a mountain gorilla in need

· $500 Buys a new microscope and other equipment in our Gorilla Conservation Center to ensure gorillas and other wildlife are in good health

· $1000 A gorilla hug towards building the new center

To make a one off donation please click here


Help Support Our Major New Initiative

Help us to create our new home! We are building a Health and Gorilla Conservation Center in Bwindi, Uganda. To allow us to continue and grow the work we do we are building a new state of the art facility on the edge of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

To donate to CTPH Health and Gorilla Conservation Center, please click here

Thank you!

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