Conservation Through Public Health advocates locally, nationally, regionally and internationally for integrated approaches to conservation of biodiversity and protected areas in Africa.

We recently developed an advocacy strategy for Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH) with the following four advocacy goals:


(1) Overarching advocacy goal on the CTPH integrated approach to sustainable development


(2) Population, Health and Environment (PHE) advocacy focused on community based family planning around protected areas


(3) Poverty and Conservation advocacy to advance conservation through improving rural livelihoods


(4) One Health advocacy for coordinated approaches to disease monitoring, outbreaks and prevention in Uganda.


CTPH is a strong advocate in Uganda and internationally for integrated approaches combining wildlife conservation, community health and alternative livelihoods for sustainable development. CTPH has shared our PHE model nationally and regionally resulting in the formation of the Uganda National PHE Network, which CTPH is a member of. We use evidence from our programs to advocate for increased funding, improved policies and better awareness of integrated development.


Advocacy achievements include:

  • Serving as the Secretariat for the Uganda PHE Working Group from 2010 to 2013
  • Spearheading the development of the Uganda PHE Working Group Advocacy Strategy
  • Successfully advocating for national and regional government bodies to incorporate PHE into national and regional strategies through sharing our best practices
  • Participating in the creation of the East African Community PHE Strategic Plan
  • Participating in the creation of the Uganda National PHE Strategic Plan.
  • Through the Poverty and Conservation Learning Group, advocating for the increase in gorilla levy – community benefits from gorilla permit fees to be raised from $5 to $10 from every permit to go to local communities for projects that enhance development and reduce human and wildlife conflict.
  • Presenting at numerous national and international conferences and forums including the Wilson Centre in USA, on our innovative and integrated approach to conservation and sustainable development.