Episode 1 – The Product That Keeps on Giving: Giveback Models

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Gone are the days of strict divides between for-profit companies and non-profit organizations. We are living in an age where companies are forced to acknowledge their role in society and oftentimes this is where the discussion around “giving back” is introduced. In this episode, we travel from Berlin to Bwindi and talk to four companies who have embedded a giveback element into their daily operations – not just as a sales tactic or a “purposewashing” campaign, but as a genuine vehicle to enact real change.

Nina Rauch is the social impact coordinator of disruptive insurtech company, Lemonade. They donate leftover insurance premium dollars to nonprofits of the customers’ choosing.

Lawrence Zikusoka is the co-founder of Gorilla Conservation Coffee based in Uganda. They donate $1.50 per kilo to conservation efforts through their award-winning organization Conservation Through Public Health.

Annika Brümmer is in charge of Marketing and PR at Berlin-based beer company, Quartiermeister. They support neighbourhoods by funding local community projects with 10 cents per litre.

Deevee Kashi is the CEO and founder of social impact and volunteerism platform, Deed. Deed uses technology to connect employees and consumers to good causes where they can donate their time, money and skills.

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