Gorilla Conservation Camp

The Gorilla Conservation Camp (GCCamp) is a for profit subsidiary of an award-winning NGO and non-profit, Conservation Through Public Health. The Camp provides accommodation to enable educational tourism for gorilla trekking tourists and holistic accredited tertiary education in global sustainable development within a field school setting for university students around the world. The educational experience provided by CTPH with a focus on “One Health” through addressing human, animal and ecosystem health together is delivered in a pristine setting with one of the best views overlooking the top of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, combining a unique education and hospitality experience at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This opportunity helps to meet the growing demand for universities to enhance their international engagement and for university students to expand their study abroad options to Africa, while directly improving the health status and conservation of a critically endangered species, the mountain gorilla and providing much needed health care to local communities and their livestock. On top of improving their academic studies, students enhance their chances of gaining meaningful employment at home and in international development after graduation where they can contribute their knowledge of the One Health approach, which in turn expands the social and environmental impact of CTPH. Current study abroad programs do not engage students in solving problems using a trans-disciplinary One Health approach that can be applied globally. CTPH with 10 years of testing this approach at Bwindi provides a unique combination of an “education and safari” experience open to people wishing to enhance their educational travel experiences.

Gorilla Conservation Coffee

Gorilla Conservation Coffee (GCCoffee) is a social enterprise created through a partnership between Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH) and Worldwide Fund for Nature Switzerland. GCCoffee pays a premium price to enable marginalized small-holder coffee farmers living in remote sub counties bordering Bwindi Impenetrable National Park improve their lives, which in turn helps to protect the gorillas and their habitat. GCCoffee works across the value chain: first in direct training and capacity building of farmers to improve sustainable agriculture practices; next GCCoffee purchases coffee from the farmers, and then processes and packages the coffee for sale ensuring a quality product throughout the process. GCCoffee targets coffee drinkers and tourists at Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability shops, tourist lodges, Entebbe Airport Duty Free and international distributors to market and sell coffee. For every bag sold, a donation is given to sustain the work of CTPH.