The Twins

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If anything fascinates visitors to Nkuringo gorilla group are the twins. At the end of gorilla tracking, many visitors have a word that they took pleasure in viewing the twins. A trip to Nkuringo is most likely the only excellent opportunity in the world to see twins of a Mountain gorilla.

The twins are borne to Kwitonda, an adult female that has lived in the group since habituation. On November 1, 2008, the early morning trackers noticed Kwitonda with a baby and the following day she had a second.

One of the twins is small which maybe the one born later while the other is bigger. They are of opposite sex male and female, very playful like all gorillas below 5 years and love each other so much. At most times they play with each other.

The playing is normally for the period of feeding but while walking, the twins are carried by the mother. However, if there has been harmony in the group and no recent exchanges, the twins can be carried by the juveniles. The juveniles at times take care of the twins but for a short time of about 10 minutes. These juveniles include Magara, Kwesiima their brother (son of Kwitonda) plus the surviving twin of Mama Christmas Twin 1.

However, Safari the silverback does not like the twins playing with the juveniles. Often the juveniles climb with the infants in high trees. Once high up the juvenilesí break branches on which the infants are gripped to let them fall. This may kill the infants. In one story, Kwitonda left one of the twins to the juveniles and went by her usual living. Safari was antagonistic to her until she recovered the infant from the juveniles.

Besides, the twins spend time with other infants in the group.