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For years, the Nkuringo group fed wholly on posho (mingled maize flour) and beans. As a bit of a joke to make light of the situation, rangers nicknamed one of the infants at the time Posho.

Born in 1997, today Posho has grown into a strong blackback. One of the most peaceful in the group, Posho has a very calm demeanor, rarely makes noise and makes friends with visitors, trackers, guides and the other gorillas in the Nkuringo group. When many people meet him Posho becomes shy and it is not uncommon for him to pick up twigs and eat in front of you.

It has not always been easy for Posho, as he was one of the worst affected infants in the group during the scabies skin disease outbreak of 2001 and 2002, which is probably also why he is smaller than a blackback of his age and why his left arm is smaller than the right because the left arm was infected.

Posho is very good friends with Kirungi, Bahati and Christmas. He is very happy to hang out at the back of the group and keep an eye on the rest of his buddies!






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