Village Savings and Loans Associations

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Sustaining our Village Health and Conservation Teams with Village Savings and Loan Associations: Since 2008, CTPH has been supporting the first set of Village Health and Conservation Team (Community Conservation Health Volunteers) from Kanungu District, with group livestock income generating projects.The first 31 beneficiaries have turned these into a sustainable fund operated through Village Savings and Loans Associations, helping them to pay for school fees, medical bills and other household needs; and ensuring greater commitment to this integrated conservation and public health work with no volunteer dropouts in six years. This has resulted in improved community health including hygiene and sanitation, detection and referral of infectious disease patients, greatly increased new users to family planning; and improved attitudes to conservation, resulting in reduced poaching, as well as, protection of gorillas in community land. We see this as a sustainable and scalable model for sustaining Village Health Teams and other community based distributors; and would like to scale this up to other national parks in Uganda

Village savings and loans association members (CCHVs) and some of the Materials VSLA members apply in management of shares, savings and loans


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